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The Code Name Dad blog contains not-so-standard operating procedures for fatherhood, DIY, gear and other man stuff.


Name: Code Name Dad

Age: Staring down the barrel of 35

Sex: Male

Occupation: In the “Danger Zone”

Interests: Family, Travel, Fitness, Finances, Rum, Wine, Time Pieces, Guns, Gear, Anything Custom, Amateur DIY, Learning.

Status: Married, 1 Boy, 1 Boy in-bound. 

Mission Statement: This experiment is intended to be educational, if not at least entertaining, for fathers and soon-to-be fathers who haven’t surrendered their manhood. This is a collection of  my lessons learned, personal interests and the way I like to do things shared with you in the hopes of bringing together like-minded individuals intent on being Awesome at Life!

WARNING: Utilize the information on this site at your own risk. I am not in any way certified by any governing body of you name it… There… Now you can’t sue me.