How to Build a Slam Ball

Cost: About $30 for an 8 lb and 18lb ball

Time: 1 hour

Difficulty: Easy

This is a fun and inexpensive project. A must have for the avid bootcamper, cross fitter and home fitness enthusiast.


Materials needed:

Rubber Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

Tire Patch Kit

40lb of salt pellets

Power Drill – 1/8” and 3/8” drill bit

Exacto Knife

Scale – I used a small digital food scale and a bathroom scale.

Paint pen or Sharpie


How to Build a Slam Ball –

Step 1: Make a hole in the basket ball.


Choose a flat area of the ball. Avoid the seam so the patch will get a better surface to seal later. Using my power drill, I drilled a pilot hole to let the air out slow using 1/8” bit. I then used the 3/8” bit to make the hole bigger. I cut two small slits with the exacto knife on opposite sides of the hole just big enough for the salt pellet to go through.

Note: I wanted the hole to be small as possible to give the patch maximum surface coverage. This will take more time to fill the ball, but the Slam ball is going to take a beating and I do not want the patch to fail.

Step 2: Fill the ball with salt pellets.

Salt pellets were chosen due to the ease of use, low cost, it won’t spill out if ball is damaged and easier to weigh before putting into ball for exact weight.

Morton System Saver II Salt pellets worked great and were $5 for a 40 lbs. bag at Walmart.

The smaller hole made the work more tedious, but it will be better for the patch work.

Step 3: Weigh your balls.


As the ball got about 3/4 of the way full, I used the bathroom scale to see how much weight I will be able to get into the ball. I then used the food scale to measure out the remaining salt pellets. I finished final weigh in to get an exact 8 lbs and 18 lbs.

Note: My food scale worked great for small weight and ounces, but it only goes to 12 lbs which is why I needed the larger scale for the bigger ball.

Step 4: Patch up the hole.

I used Slime Tire Patch Kit. The largest patch in the kit covered the hole great. Read and follow the directions on the kit. I used a lot of the epoxy glue. Once again, this ball is going to take pounding… Literally… and I don’t want the patch to fail. Allow 24 hours to dry before use.

Step 5: Mark your ball’s weight.


Using a black Sharpie and a gray paint pen I stenciled the weight on the balls where I thought would look the best. My wife will use them for her home gym and park boot camp classes. Her clients like to know how much weight they are picking up a bazilian times.. haha.

There you go. As you can see, making your own slam ball can be inexpensive and rewarding. It does not take a degree in rocket surgery to build, adding another awesome DIY project under your belt. Good luck and have fun.


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