Baby Chow Gear Review

In case you don’t like to watch videos, this post is about my favorite tools to feed the baby. We have gone through multiple different brands of bottles, sippy cups and bibs. I hit my BICOP (Bad Idea Cut Off Point). T&E is done. These are the items that have worked best for us:

  1. Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Bottle – $17 
  2. Munchkin Bottle Brush – $3 
  3. Playtex Baby Sipsters – $5 
  4. Take and Toss Cups – $3
  5. Munchkin Spoon – $3 
  6. Nuby Suction Bowl – $9
  7. Bumpkins Super Bib – $7 

Honorable mention: Camelback Kids – $13 

Please comment on what you think of the list and add any of your favorite chow items.

Code Name Dad… Out.

2 thoughts on “Baby Chow Gear Review

  1. chasterbro Reply

    Good scuttlebutt! Where were you when Ink and his bro were mini-kids, your reviews would have been helpful. Oops! I keep forgetting you too were a mini-kid back then.

    1. codenamedad Reply

      Thank you! I will keep them coming.

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