DIY: Parallettes

DIY: Parallettes

Cost: About $40

Time: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

Parallettes are great for addition to your home gym. Whether you’re into Crossfit, gymnastics or good ol’ fashion bodyweight routines, this is a must have for the home gym. You can use them for handstand push-ups, push ups, L-sits and many other exercises. Easy to build, lightweight and durable, parallettes are an everyman DIY project.

My wife, a personal trainer and owner of, wanted a new toy for her bootcamp classes and put in her request. I have to earn my home-cooked meals somehow… I give you…home-built parallettes.

Materials Needed:

1 – 10′ x 1.5″ PVC pipes cut into:

12 – 6″ pieces

2 – 24″ pieces

1 – Can PVC cement

4 – 1.5″ 90 degree elbow joints

4 – 1.5″ T joints

8 – 1.5″ PVC caps

1 piece of sandpaper, to clean up edges if you use a hacksaw.

I was able to get everything from Home Depot. You can buy a PVC cutter in the same aisle or ask a employee to cut it for you. They have a high speed cutter that leaves nice edges, plus that’s less work for you. If you do use a hacksaw, you will need to clean up the edges with sandpaper 80-220 grit…shooter’s choice.

Step 1:  Cut the pipe to length and clean up the edges

  10′ x 1.5″ PVC pipes cut into:

       12 – 6″ pieces

       2 – 24″ pieces


Step 2: Glue the 90 degree elbows on to the 24” pieces. Use light glue on the inside outer edge of the angle pieces so the glue is pressed inward.


Note: The glue dries fast and you want the pieces to be aligned. Use the floor as a level and work quickly. The fitting is tight. Once the angles are on the pipe, give it a good tap on the floor to fully seat.


Step 3: Glue the 4 – T-joints on 4 – 6” pieces

Same as before. Light glue and once seated, give it a good tap on the floor to fully seat.

Step 4: Glue the 8 – caps on the remaining 8 – 6” pieces of PVC.


Step 5: Glue the capped pieces onto the T-joints.


Step 6: Glue the legs onto the 24” pieces.

Note: It gets a little tricky to make everything line up perpendicular to each other. Use a angle, a scrap piece of wood or good ol’ Kentucky windage to help line it up.


VUALLA!!!  You have yourself a nice pair…of parallettes. Easy peasy. Now get out your spray paint, paint pen and athletic tape or tennis racket tape to church them up, so you know their yours. Lastly put those bad boys to work! Soon you can use your new found muscles to monkey stomp anyone who even looks at your parallettes wrong.


Let me know what you think. Post your parallette success story, hacks and mods. Good luck and have fun!